Many Denton seniors are concerned about the prospect of property tax increases pricing them out of their home of many years. Paul understands that concern. First, he pledges that no senior will be evicted from their home due to unpaid property taxes while he’s in office. That’s because it can’t happen–unpaid property taxes simply become a lien on the property. Even so, Paul supports a freeze on property taxes for seniors that takes into account long tenure in a home and low income. This will require reaching out through Denton’s municipal associations to affect change at the state level.

Paul does not support a blanket freeze based on age alone, as his opponent does, which would divert city resources toward freezing taxes for some of the wealthiest households in the community, . Fair-minded Dentonites of all ages realize that this would inevitably drive up property taxes for struggling families and lead to increased rents for seniors and disabled people who can’t afford to own homes. That’s blatantly unfair and would hurt Denton’s livability. We take pride in paying our own way.