Every year at budget time each city department presents their list of supplemental requests, in other words, how much additional they want to spend. But where’s the part where they present programs that are no longer needed or expenses that can be cut without affecting citizen services? On our current path, the budget can only grow and grow.

Paul has thirty years’ experience as a corporate executive and is qualified to oversee the new city manager and city auditor to bring about real fiscal discipline. He will fight for:

  • Regular review of all programs for whether goals are being met and whether their original purpose is still relevant.
  • Annual request to all department managers for a prioritized list of the potential cuts that would least affect citizen services, totaling at least 5 percent of the department’s budget (not to necessarily make the cuts but to weigh against new spending proposals).
  • Review of the city employee organization chart to identify areas where administrative and supervisory overheads can be consolidated without affecting citizen-facing services.
  • Review of job descriptions and job content to ensure that all positions are fully justified.
  • Review of department metrics to ensure we’re holding ourselves to the right standards, not setting low, easy-to-meet expectations.

Paul hates our taxpayer money being wasted. He will fight for a lean budget that truly reflects our priorities and values, so we’re not faced with property tax increases every time there’s a tough choice to be made.