Denton is regularly pointed out as having the worst air quality in the state, largely due to prevailing southerly winds and our being in a shallow. Paul sees this as an opportunity to develop a reputation for having the most innovative air quality policies in the state. As a start, he favors:

  1. Matching off to the most restrictive gas well setbacks that haven’t been challenged under HB40. Flower Mound’s setbacks are 50 percent greater than Denton’s.
  2. A vigorous program of at least quarterly gas well leak testing for the 500 wells in Denton and  its extraterritorial jurisdictions. Our gas well inspection team has dwindled from four persons down to one because drilling has slowed. Paul wants us to come halfway back–to two–with gas detecting equipment. Oil and gas operators will be grateful for the information. Our lungs will welcome the relief.
  3. Challenging our legal team, if at all possible, to find a way out of the $265 million gas plant that was funded without a citizen vote. Georgetown, Texas is leading the way with 100 percent renewable, emission-free, debt-free energy. Our municipal utility is capable of doing just as well. 

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