Did you know Council recently voted 4-3 for $265 million in debt for the city to build gas plants to generate and sell electricity?  It’s the largest expenditure in Denton’s history, and they didn’t feel you needed to weigh in on it with a bond issue vote. So it’s no wonder many Dentonites weren’t even aware of this obligation to be carried by DME ratepayers. When over 900 letters were received by council opposed to the gas plants, they approved an “independent” review–not of all the options to meet Denton’s energy needs, but only of the one option already recommended by the now discredited city manager.

Was it the only way?  Georgetown, Texas recently reviewed their energy options, too. They found the most economical path now was to go 100 percent renewable–wind, with solar to add peak power on hot, sunny summer days. How much debt did they take on to do all this? Zero. Would you have liked the chance to consider that option?

Just like in any other job, Paul recognizes when an issue is so big it has to be brought directly to the attention of the boss–in this case, you. He feels this process needs a do-over. Three of the four council members who voted for the gas plants will not be on council in May.  If you feel your voice should be heard on this matter, vote!